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Photos © Michaela Kirsche 2016



DIALOG EXTREM is a radical communication format developed by the Urban Design faculty of the Technical University of Berlin. For one evening, forty experts seated at forty tables engage in one-on-one dialogs with members of the public, chosen by lottery.

The 2016 event, entitled "Arrivals – Visions for a New Berlin," focused on migration in the city, aiming both to reflect on the complexity of the issue, and to generate conversation and discuss solutions for developing a new, shared urban culture in Germany's capital.

Students from the Technical University's Stage Design and Scenography department worked together to develop a comprehensive scenographic concept for the event, including lighting, graphic design, and costumes.

With Lana Ramsay, Susanne Wilk, Mona-Marie Hartmann, Michaela Kirsche, and Susanne Quehenberger.

"We consider speech to be the result of thought (we have a thought, then select a sentence with which to express it), but thought also results from speech (as we grope, in words, toward meaning, we discover what we think)."

George Saunders

The Brain-Dead Megaphone

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