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Photos © Martin Cruiser 2013


ITALOPORNO is a 5-piece live disco machine that spent the years between 2006 and 2014 composing original material, performing Europe-wide, and spreading glitter and "gute Laune" wherever their feet touched the earth.

Their songs are densely-structured, high-energy hymns dedicated to the dance floor, but their lyrics run deep and ironic, attending often to the darker side of power, fame, and the hedonistic drive toward self-fulfillment, which so often leads only to disinterest and destructive disconnection.

The band released three singles and a debut album, "Ain't No God But Me" (2013), with Berlin label Pale Music International.

ITALOPORNO unofficially retired its repertoire in 2014, but then again, disco never dies...

"ITALOPORNO is not out to make art; they just want you to pick up the nearest disco ball, string it up, crank up the volume, and get the party started."

Radio Fritz, 2009

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