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THE BATTLE (intro)
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Part Street Fighter, part Mad Max, and part Lady Gaga, THE BATTLE is a live electro-rock opera accompanied by  dark and uncanny 2-D animations that offer a window into a post-disaster dreamscape set in an exterminist future ruled by a world-weary spirit desperate for redemption.

The story begins following the fall of the protagonist from a life of fame and fortune to a fate as a wandering beast, doomed to bear witness to the cold and bitter winter of the human race.

This extensive project, developed together with musician David Scheller, brings together original composition, live performance, video collage, travel photography, and genderqueer storytelling to bind live music with sci-fi theater in a club setting.

Photos © Rob Wimpory 2015

"The light is the left hand of darkness."

Ursula K. LeGuin

The Left Hand of Darkness

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